Interplanetary Spider Woman Xorplex Megaspore

Interplanetary Spider Woman Xorplex Megaspore

Xorplex Modules are Shamanistic and Alchemical herbal extraction apparati. They are far too strange to be described in ordinary functional terms.

There are several general categories of Xorplex Modules. The examples shown on this site reflect the various moods of the artist's strange and eclectic inspiration. Note that the particular objects shown are not necessarily available at this time.

Many ancient alien theorists believe that Xorplex Modules were originally developed through a transdimensional collaboration between the glass artist, Bandhu Dunham, and the renowned intergalactic necromancer known as Dun Kanaitaho. Due to the complexities of transdimensional tarriff regulations the exclusive right to design and fabricate Xorplex Modules in this galaxy, along with

the unique hawk sigil, was assigned to Bandhu in 2013.

Xorplex Modules can be recognized not only by their unique transdimensional morphology, but also by the traditional Bandhu asterisk stamped permanently into each piece and/or the Golden Xorplex "X" on the surface. Some legacy works may also be found with the rare Hawk Sigil. When acquiring a piece by Bandhu Dunham, look for one or more of these unique maker’s marks, to verify the authenticity of your apparatus.

To round out the Xorplex experience, pendants by Bandhu can also be seen on this website. In addition, transdimensional explorers will find functional accessories designed by Bandhu and produced using archaic analog 3-D printing techniques by Apprentices and Padawans, with the assistance of the odd Shop Monkey.